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Marketplace for Wednesday, October 15, 2014

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Texas Health Presbyterian is a community hospital up against Ebola, and the CDC now says every hospital in the U.S. should be prepared for an Ebola patient. With 5,000 community hospitals in the nation, plenty of training, time and resources are needed to fight the virus. Next: Retail sales dropped down this month, but still did better than expected. With consumer behavior changing during the last decade, do the metrics used to judge and predict consumer spending work anymore? Plus: The NBA is experimenting this Sunday with the pre-season game between the Boston Celtics and Brooklyn Nets. Game time will be four minutes shorter than usual, but could less mean more?

Segments From this episode

What it takes to make all hospitals Ebola-ready

by Sarah Gardner Oct 15, 2014
Training will be costly, but not all hospital staff need the training.

John Nagl says the U.S. isn't finished in Iraq

by Kai Ryssdal Oct 15, 2014
Retired Lt. Cl. John Nagl reflects on his time in the "first two" Iraq wars.

The NBA's experiment: offering fans a shorter game

by Dan Weissmann Oct 15, 2014
The NBA experiments with a shorter game this Sunday. But does it mean less is more for basketball?

Plant-based hamburger leaves 'blood' on the plate

by Queena Kim Oct 15, 2014
Impossible Foods aims to make traditional animal products by using plants

Retail's new normal

by Tracey Samuelson Oct 15, 2014
September retail sales take a slight dip from August.

HBO is cutting the cord. Will cable survive?

by Kai Ryssdal and Ben Johnson Oct 15, 2014
Marketplace Tech's Ben Johnson says cable's days may be numbered
Final Note

You can buy for $150,000

by Kai Ryssdal Oct 15, 2014
Jon Schultz bought the domain name for $13,500. Now he wants six figures.

In dry California, using price to police water use

by Sarah Gardner Oct 16, 2014
California cities don't like the word "rationing," but "pricing" can serve the same purpose.

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