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JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon is shopping for votes lately in a bid to keep his other title: chairman of the board. How's his campaign going? In losses -- and not the stock market kind -- Manchester United is losing its longtime leader. We look at how a global brand manages that transition. Plus, historical homes are getting attacked by the paparazzi of the public, thanks to social photo sharing sites like Instagram. 

Manchester United loses a leader, but hopes to maintain a brand

Manchester United is a top British soccer team and one of world's most successful sporting franchises. Will the departure of its legendary coach Sir Alex Ferguson harm its global brand?
Posted In: soccer, Manchester United

A conference room by any other name...

The naming of the conference room can be a very important thing. And now, you can name Marketplace's two main meeting rooms.
Posted In: conference rooms, workplace culture

Is immigration bad for the deficit?

Critics say immigration reform would cost the government trillions in safety net spending. Commentator Robert Reich says it would actually generate more revenue.
Posted In: Immigration

Abandoned buildings get starring role in social media

Some people like to go into old, vacant buildings to post photos and video of their exploits on social media sites like Instagram and Flickr. Sometimes, that can be an advantage for real estate agents.
Posted In: social media, instagram, history, photography

Jamie Dimon goes shopping from his biggest shareholders

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon is scrambling to keep his other title: chairman of the board. But the man who controls more assets than any other U.S. banker is in the market for one-year loans from his biggest shareholders: Their votes, call it political capital, at the upcoming shareholder meeting.
Posted In: Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan Chase

Austerity rift chills French-German relations

German Chancellor Angela Merkel enjoyed close relations with former French President Nicolas Sarkozy but not with successor Francois Hollande. Differences over austerity are part of the problem.
Posted In: France, Germany, Angela Merkel, Francois Hollande

U.S. releases data showing striking differences in hospital prices

The public can search a database for prices for 100 common procedures at every hospital in the country, opening a window onto price differences.
Posted In: health care, hospital

Why Syria's Internet was ripe for a shutdown

After 19 hours in the dark, Syria is back online. Why it's not that hard to shut down the Internet there, but nearly impossible in the U.S.
Posted In: syria, middle east, Internet

Former Enron CEO Jeff Skilling could get early prison release

Skilling had been sentenced to 24 years in prison.
Posted In: Enron

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