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Marketplace for Wednesday, May 6, 2015

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Airing on Wednesday, May 6, 2015: While it’s believed that hospice care at the end of life can save money, a report from the New England Journal of Medicine suggests otherwise. It found that for patients in nursing homes, spending went up by about $6,800 per patient. We explore the reasons why costs are so high. Next: there’s been talk about the possibility that Microsoft — along with other tech giants — may purchase, a site that offers “customer relationship management” tools. The company is worth $40 billion, and yet it doesn’t make profits. We look at what Saleforce does, and find out why it’s worth so much. 



Segments From this episode

Drafting a CEO dream team

by Gina Delvac and Robert Garrova May 6, 2015
Instead of drafting actual players, comedian Greg Proops put together an ideal business team for us.

What's Salesforce, and how could it be worth $49B?

by Dan Weissmann May 6, 2015
Microsoft is a possible bidder for the "customer relationship management" company.
Final Note

The 'Deflategate' verdict is in

by Kai Ryssdal May 6, 2015
So the Pats all-but-surely did it, now what's the punishment?

European Union wants new rules for its digital economy

by Nova Safo May 6, 2015
The plan could be a radical change for the way the EU does business online.
Freakonomics Radio

When should you rob a bank?

by Kai Ryssdal May 6, 2015
The guys behind "Freakonomics" answer that question and more in their new book.

EU officials move to regulate US tech companies

by Kai Ryssdal and Molly Wood May 6, 2015
Companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook would face tighter rules overseas.

Why the conventional wisdom on hospice care was wrong

by Dan Gorenstein May 6, 2015
Some patients are spending years there, and spending more in the process.

Britain's place in the EU is on the table Thursday

by Stephen Beard May 6, 2015
Incumbent Prime Minister David Cameron said he'd reevaluate the U.K.'s membership.

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