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Marketplace for Wednesday, August 15, 2012

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Young undocumented immigrants can now legally work in the United States if they apply for the work permit program that began today — but is the permit worth the $500? Facebook insiders can start selling their shares tomorrow. Mobile payment systems are making purchasing more convenient, but there may be a hidden price. China’s economy is growing, but Chinese investors are putting their money elsewhere. Young entrepreneurs are redefining the ‘family business.’ Kai Ryssdal talks to Walter Latham, the producer of “The Original Kings of Comedy,” about his new venture with YouTube. And we learn about why Priceline resurrected William Shatner’s “Priceline Negotiator” character.

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Klout changes its algorithm

by Kai Ryssdal Aug 15, 2012
So now President Obama has a better Klout score than Justin Bieber.

Facebook stock restrictions set to expire

by Queena Kim Aug 15, 2012
The latest test of Facebook stock comes tomorrow with the removal of lockups on employee and insider shares.

Comedy giant Walter Latham on why YouTube is the future

by Kai Ryssdal Aug 15, 2012
The comedy mogul who created "The Original Kings of Comedy" was recently one of four African Americans selected to partner with YouTube. He said his plan is to become the "better version of BET...but for the web."

Rich Chinese increasingly invest overseas

by Rob Schmitz Aug 15, 2012
Slower growth in China and the prospect of currency depreciation have many Chinese putting their money into places like Canada and the U.S.

Some hail, some hesitate over immigration scheme

by Jeff Tyler Aug 15, 2012
The government’s new Deferred Action plan for younger undocumented immigrants has been welcomed by many but some immigrants hesitate to apply.

Saving the catfish economy amid U.S. drought

by Kai Ryssdal Aug 15, 2012
Catfish farmer Townsend Kyser discusses what the USDA's purchase of meat to help livestock producers hit by the drought will do for him and other farmers.

Walmart, Target join the mobile payments race

by Stacey Vanek Smith Aug 15, 2012
Big retailers join the race to develop payment systems for mobile phones. But will consumers pay with smartphones instead of credit cards?

Young entrepreneurs redefine 'family business'

by Ashley Milne-Tyte Aug 15, 2012
Some generation Y entrepreneurs are turning the idea of going into the family business on its head -- by hiring their parents to work at their fledgling companies.

Priceline resurrects Shatner for new ads

by Mark Garrison Aug 15, 2012
Pitchman William Shatner appeared to have perished in a Priceline ad in January. So why is he back on air as the Priceline “Negotiator?”

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