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Students at the Culinary Institute of America staged a protest yesterday because they feel their expensive degrees are being devalued by slipping standards and rising enrollment. Is it all the fault of shows like "Iron Chef?" Not to be cooked, Apple is borrowing money, while rewarding shareholders with higher dividends. We explain why this actually makes sense. Also, back to the sequester, we talk to an air traffic controller about what life is life lately.

Is fight over CFPB undermining its authority?

Observers worry the lack of a full-fledged director undercuts agency's ability to protect consumers.
Posted In: CFPB, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Richard Cordray

Britain celebrates its Huguenot heritage

Immigration is a contentious issue in Britain, but the country recently celebrated one of the most successful immigrant groups -- French Protestants or Huguenots.
Posted In: Britain, Huguenot, history

JFK air traffic controller on first furlough day: 'Frustrating'

Air traffic controllers from JFK to LAX have begun their furloughs, making for long and painful delays, especially flying into and out of the big East Coast airports around New York City.
Posted In: air traffic controllers, airline industry, sequester, sequestration

Building collapse in Bangladesh kills garment factory workers

A building collapse at a garment factory in Bangladesh has left at least 100 people dead and injured a thousand more. This is the second disaster at a Bangladeshi garment factory in less than six months.
Posted In: Bangladesh, factory

A hopeful spring for cattle ranchers

Rain in Missouri means grass is growing -- and that's a good thing for cattle ranchers.
Posted In: ranch, missouri, flood, cattle

Culinary Institute of America students turn up the heat, walk out because of falling standards

Students at Culinary Institute of America, one of the nation's top cooking schools, say their degrees are being devalued by slipping standards.
Posted In: Culinary institute of america, protests, cooking

Why Apple -- cash-rich and debt-free -- is going to borrow money

An explanation to the puzzle of why Apple is borrowing funds, while also rewarding shareholders with higher dividends.
Posted In: apple

Order a Whopper from your couch: Burger King expands delivery

Burger King franchises in Chicago, San Francisco and here in L.A. will start delivering Whoppers, et al.
Posted In: Burger King, fast food

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