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Marketplace for Wednesday, April 15, 2015

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Airing on Wednesday, April 15, 2015:  Stephen Dubner, the author of “Freakonomics,” rejoins the Marketplace team to discuss the value of diamonds and their hard resale value. High jeweler markups and a limited buyer’s market for diamonds have created what’s called a “thin market” for the good. Next, some tax preparers are charging high fees and making dubious loans to vulnerable clients. We look at some of the controversial practices these businesses are employing during tax season. Also, the European Union has brought antitrust charges against Google, with claims that the company has taken advantage of the European market by using its search engine to boost its shopping service. Are monopolies always necessarily a bad thing? We explore. 

Segments From this episode

Predatory tax preparers target low-income households

by Audrey Quinn Apr 3, 2015
Some tax preparers charge high fees and make dubious loans to vulnerable clients.

Guilty conscience: the 1099 economy

by Daisy Palacios Apr 15, 2015
The guilt of the on-demand economy

Why it's hard to tell good monopolies from bad

by Stan Alcorn and Molly Wood Apr 15, 2015
The European Union has brought an antitrust case against Google.

Fun facts from the Beige Book

by Kai Ryssdal Apr 15, 2015
The Federal Reserve released its eight-times-a-year regional look at the American economy.
Freakonomics Radio

Diamonds: pricey, but not valuable

by Kai Ryssdal Apr 15, 2015
"Freakonomics" author Stephen Dubner explains what keeps diamonds valuable.

China's growing at (just) 7 percent

by Kai Ryssdal and Gina Delvac Apr 15, 2015
The world's fastest-growing economy is pumping the brakes.

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