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Iran's foreign minister and Secretary of State John Kerry plan to meet at the U.N. General Assembly. The U.S. has imposed sanctions on the country for decades, and confiscated payments to the country for years. How much money is out there? And can Iran ever get it back? Also, Facebook unveiled a payment service that it hopes will encourage buyers to purchase things without having to enter long, complicated account information. There is a business strategy behind "frictionless payments." And finally, a housing report out today indicates that real estate continues to recover. So why are the banks laying off mortgage professionals?

@horse_ebooks no spam bot

The longest running corporate art piece in history? Tweeters spend four years pretending to be a spam-bot, unveiled today as part of gallery show.
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Half of all meetings are unproductive. Is there a fix?

Oh, the dreaded office meeting. We have about four billion a year here in the U.S., but are they worth it?
Posted In: meeting, office, workplace, workplace culture

When your symptoms don't tell the whole story

Doctors are learning that listening to patients about their lives may reveal the secrets that will help their patients get better.
Posted In: health care, camden, medical care

Ready for takeoff? FAA considers changing rules on ebooks

An FAA advisory committee is considering allowing passengers to use their phone or laptop during take-off and landing, as long as it's on airplane mode.
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Don't think. Just click and buy

Facebook and the business strategy behind "frictionless payments."
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Housing is back, so why the mortgage layoffs?

The S&P Case Shiller home price index indicates that housing prices continue to recover.
Posted In: Banks, Mortgages, refinancing

A look at what happens to seized Iranian assets

Iran's foreign minister and Secretary of State John Kerry plan to meet at the U.N. General Assembly.
Posted In: Iran, sanctions

Happy anniversary, debt limit! (What do you get for a 96th anniversary gift?)

The debt limit was enacted as part of the Second Liberty Bond Act.

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