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Trouble in Syria is roiling oil markets. But Syria doesn't produce any oil, begging the question why the tiny Middle Eastern country's issues are having such an outsize effect on the global economy. Today the Dow Jones Industrials drops Alcoa, Hewlett Packard, and Bank of America, and adds Goldman Sachs, Nike and Visa. The apparently random and arbitrary changes highlight the shortcomings and limitations of the index, and raise the question why the Dow remains such an enduring economic indicator. Magazine covers can make or break celebrities, and the covers of big publications like Vogue or Vanity Fair can make news. Deciding what makes a cover is a tough business, and there's a whole lot at stake for everyone involved.

The new iPhone -- more secure or more colors?

Apple released two new iPhones at different price points today.
Posted In: apple, iPhone, iPhone 5C, cybersecurity

How one hack got to engineers with security clearances

It's easier to hack the human mind than a computer network. Here's a case study that shows how it's done.
Posted In: cybersecurity, hacking, hackers

Bob Odenkirk and David Cross talk success and failure

The actors from "Breaking Bad" and "Arrested Development" discuss their new book on failure and success in the entertainment industry.
Posted In: hollywood, Arrested Development, Breaking Bad, television

Dow changes raise questions about relevance

There’s a shakeup in the 30 stocks that make up the Dow Jones Industrial Average. How much will this affect the average investor?
Posted In: Dow, Dow Jones Industrial Average, Wall Street

Why trouble in little Syria has a big effect on oil markets

Syria doesn't produce much oil. But the Middle Eastern country's issues are having a big effect on the market for crude.
Posted In: syria, Oil

Always judge a mag by its cover

Vogue editor Anna Wintour has nixed Miley Cyrus' appearance on the cover of the magazine after Ms. Cyrus' risque dance routine at the MTV Video Awards. Magazine publishers put a lot of thought into who and what graces the front of their publications. They believe readers are affected by covers.
Posted In: magazines, Vogue, anna wintour, media, Miley Cyrus

Unemployed teens search for life lessons

Unlike a lot of teens, Kendrick Calkins has a job: He helps his grandfather fix old laundry machines.
Posted In: Youth Radio

Liar, liar, pants on fire!

10.2 million swallowed this one: hook, line and sinker.
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