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Marketplace for Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Trouble in Syria is roiling oil markets. But Syria doesn't produce any oil, begging the question why the tiny Middle Eastern country's issues are having such an outsize effect on the global economy. Today the Dow Jones Industrials drops Alcoa, Hewlett Packard, and Bank of America, and adds Goldman Sachs, Nike and Visa. The apparently random and arbitrary changes highlight the shortcomings and limitations of the index, and raise the question why the Dow remains such an enduring economic indicator. Magazine covers can make or break celebrities, and the covers of big publications like Vogue or Vanity Fair can make news. Deciding what makes a cover is a tough business, and there's a whole lot at stake for everyone involved.

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When Rolling Stone decided to feature a glamourous shot of Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on its Aug. 1 cover, critics and protesters cried foul. Magazine subscribers blasted the decision. And the cover angered Massachusetts State Police Sgt. Sean Murphy, who leaked photos of Tsarnaev's capture to Boston magazine in response. But the controversy didn't stop people from buying copies. According to Magazine Information Network, retail sales of the issue jumped 102 percent over average per-issue sales for the past year.
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