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Marketplace for Tuesday July 29, 2014

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A new round of European sanctions against Russia, announced today, may also hurt US businesses that operate in Russia or have interests there. We consider the possible impact on these firms. Plus, it’s looking increasingly likely that Argentina will default on some of its bonds. So what happens then? Will Argentina be consumed by hellfire? Will fear of contagion freeze the global financial markets and plunge us into another recession? Or will it be business as usual in the global bond market? Also, according to a report by the Urban Institute that came out this week, around 77 million have debt in collections. We look at what happens when a bill goes to collection, and what happens to the people who owe money.

Segments From this episode

ERs are still busy, Affordable Care Act and all

by Lewis Wallace Jul 29, 2014
But it's not clear how much is left to change.

Refrigerators are running in China

by David Gura Jul 29, 2014
Nicola Twilley talks about China's huge refrigeration boom.

Gag rules: illegal, but alive and well

by David Gura Jul 29, 2014
Nancy Koehn of Harvard Business School on the NLRA.

Competitive swimming struggles to stay afloat

by Marketplace Contributor Jul 29, 2014
Parents and kids often overlook swimming when choosing an organized sport.

New sanctions against Russia could hurt US firms

by Dan Bobkoff Jul 29, 2014
So far, the US hasn't been hit too hard.

1 in 3 Americans has past due debt

by Krissy Clark Jul 29, 2014
What what happens if your debt goes into collection?

What happens if Argentina defaults?

by Sabri Ben-Achour Jul 29, 2014
It’s looking increasingly likely that Argentina will default on some of its bonds.
Final Note

Our big fat American refrigerators

by David Gura Jul 29, 2014
American refrigerators are bigger, cost more and they're making us fat.

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Black Balloons Local Natives
Parisian Goldfish Flying Lotus
You're Not Good Enough Blood Orange

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