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Marketplace for Tuesday, July 14, 2015

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Airing on Tuesday, July 14, 2015: From Athens, Marketplace’s Kai Ryssdal talks to Nick Voglis, a sandwich-shop owner, about the changes to his business and life wrought by the Greek debt crisis. Plus, on the day a deal is announced with Iran, we look at one aspect of the untapped potential it presents: its people. Demographics are on Iran’s side right now. Iran has a young, educated, mostly middle-class population — what opportunities does this offer the country? What does it offer U.S. and other international companies wanting to do business there? We explore. 

Segments From this episode

Final Note

One last moment from our trip to Athens

by Kai Ryssdal Jul 14, 2015
"Don't forget, [Greece is] more than 4,000 years old."
Greeks in crisis

College students feel the weight of the Greek crisis

by Kai Ryssdal Jul 14, 2015
Some Greek are worried about job opportunities amid the crisis.
Greeks in crisis

Sweet treats in the midst of economic fallout

by Kai Ryssdal Jul 14, 2015
Bakery shop owner Olga Karastathi hasn't seen profit from her business, but she's still optimistic.

Promise, risk await post-sanction Iran

by Sabri Ben-Achour Jul 14, 2015
Sanctions relief comes at an important moment for the Iranian population
Greeks in crisis

Tourism in an economic crisis

by Kai Ryssdal Jul 14, 2015
The Greek crisis hasn't stopped tourism.
Greeks in crisis

Little Athens has to cope with the crisis, too

by James Perla Jul 14, 2015
The Greek debt crisis has caused ripple effects, affecting business owners in the U.S.
Greeks in crisis

Sandwich shop owner keeps the optimism alive in Greece

by Kai Ryssdal Jul 14, 2015
Business for Nick Voglis has fallen by 40 to 50 percent since 2007.
Greeks in crisis

Three jobs, a family and uncertainty

by Kai Ryssdal Jul 14, 2015
Tonia Korka has to juggle multiple jobs to support her family.
Greeks in crisis

Greece's economic outlook, from the streets of Athens

by Kai Ryssdal and Hayley Hershman Jul 14, 2015
More of our interviews on the ground in Greece.
Greeks in crisis

A German show faces a Greek audience

by Stephen Beard Jul 14, 2015
A troupe of actresses from Germany face an Athens audience.

Music from the episode

Beautiful Liar Beyoncé, Shakira
This Is Our Lot Wild Beasts
Wait, Wait, Wait Northern Faces
Cassettesingle Fujiya & Miyagi
No Room In Frame Death Cab for Cutie

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