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Dell has reached a $24 billion deal to take itself private, but what will the company do with that money? The Justice Department is suing Standard & Poors over its bond ratings in the lead up to the financial crisis. Wednesday is the big day high school football recruits send letters of intent to the universities they plan to attend and play for -- and at the center of the process: the semi-antiquated fax machine. Dan Gorenstein reports on the rise of the survivalist industry. And Kai Ryssdal talks to author Amy Webb about how she devised her own algorithm for dating and found the perfect match.

Dude, Dell's going private

Computer maker Dell plans to de-list from the stock market in a $24 billion private equity buyout. It's the biggest such deal in five years.
Posted In: PC, Dell

Fax machine's goal line stand: NCAA signing day

The fax is a relic in many workplaces. But when it comes to signing up football recruits, coaches gather round the fax machine...waiting.
Posted In: college football

Love in the time of data

For the author of "Data: A Love Story," finding her perfect match was as easy as...creating the right matrix.
Posted In: love, online dating

The not-so-simple pleasure of orange juice

At Coca-Cola, there's no such thing as a simple glass of orange juice.
Posted In: orange juice, Coca-cola

College rules the day at Oyler School

Putting students on the path to higher education starts early at Oyler.
Posted In: Oyler School, college

The Talking Heads, DOJ and S&P

The Justice Department files suit against S&P and its rating of mortgage-backed securities, citing the band Talking Heads in complaint.
Posted In: Standard & Poor's, ratings agencies, Department of Justice

After a year of unemployment -- finally, a job

For one of the long-term unemployed, a very happy ending.
Posted In: long-term unemployed, Unemployment

CEOs with big signatures are more likely to overspend

A new study says big signatures are evidence of narcissism, which in the executive capacity can be detrimental to corporate health.
Posted In: signature, ceo

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