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Feb 3, 2009

Marketplace for Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2009

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Fed keeps pumping money into banks

Feb 3, 2009
The Federal Reserve says it's going to keep extending its lifeline of cash to the banking system, indicating it's nowhere near weaning banks off emergency treatment. Bob Moon reports.

Source of crisis goes beyond banks

Feb 3, 2009
A new report says that throughout last year, even as the credit crisis took hold, banks were still extending credit -- plenty of it. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports that, while the U.S. credit market has gotten smaller, you can't blame it…

Avon's calling for more sales reps

Feb 3, 2009
Avon announced higher fourth-quarter profits today. And its Super Bowl ad seeking sales reps caught a lot of attention. Is a recession the right time to start a home-based business? Janet Babin reports.

Obama touts stimulus plan via e-mails

Feb 3, 2009
President Obama is trying to turn his successful online political campaign into a movement. He's sent millions of e-mails to supporters, asking them to gather and talk about the economic stimulus bill in Congress. Steve Henn reports.

Letters: Your thoughts we can't refuse

Feb 3, 2009
Kai Ryssdal reviews your comments on education, bar mitzvahs, mixed martial arts, our remarks about the Post Office, and an erroneous quote from "The Godfather."

Decoder: The value of 'goodwill'

Feb 3, 2009
Rico Gagliano explains what the term "goodwill" means in financial circles.

Credit cards often sell us on spending

Feb 3, 2009
When it comes to spending money, some of us prefer the immediacy of cash, others the cushion of credit. That cushion is what credit card companies count on. But behavioral economist Dan Ariely tells Kai Ryssdal it skews our perception…

Credit cards take swipes at stability

Feb 3, 2009
With consumer credit-card debt climbing, banks are shifting marketing strategies to get their plastic in the hands of more financially stable customers. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
Window sticker advertising Visa and MasterCard credit cards in San Francisco, Calif.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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