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The Wealth & Poverty Desk's Krissy Clark reports from Lansing, Mich., about the state's passing of right-to-work legislation. The U.S. Treasury has sold all of its remaining shares of AIG, but the government still owns shares of some pretty big companies. With drug patents expiring, there's been a drop off in big pharmacy advertising, and that's hurting Web MD. The consumption of horsemeat is commonplace in the EU, but now there's cause for concern because some of the drugs given to American horses aren't safe for humans. And crossword puzzle creator Ben Tausig talks about the economics of creating crosswords for a living.

Drugged-up American horsemeat sold to Europe

About 140,000 horses from the U.S. were sold to be eaten abroad. But some horses were never meant for human consumption.
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Fiscal cliff? WebMD hit by the patent cliff

Online health site WebMD plans to lay off 14 percent of its staff. Drug companies have curtailed ads because lucrative patents have expired.
Posted In: webmd, pharmaceuticals, patents

Gridlock: Crossword constructors puzzled by pay

Puzzle maker Ben Tausig on the problems with pay for those who make our daily mind bender.
Posted In: crossword puzzle, New York Times

Taking AOL beyond 'You've Got Mail'

CEO Tim Armstrong talks about AOL's hopes to reinvent itself and compete with Google and Facebook.
Posted In: aol, tim armstrong

Keeping tabs on the bailout

Sure, AIG's rescue turned a profit, but what about the rest of the bailouts?
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Seeing opportunity in North Dakota's oil boom

Daniel Brock was happily teaching. Then he heard about jobs in the oil fields of North Dakota. Now he's happily working there.
Posted In: Black Gold Boom, North Dakota, Oil

Michigan governor signs right-to-work legislation

Thousands of union members protest before Michigan becomes the 24th right-to-work state.
Posted In: right to work, Michigan, Rick Snyder, union

U.S. energy production already affecting OPEC

Higher oil and gas production in the U.S. will change oil relationships around the world. The Middle East won't be called on to produce as much, costing it income, but Saudi Arabia will remain a key player.
Posted In: Oil, middle east

Starbucks cards get $1,000 bids on eBay

The Starbucks Steel Card is a limited edition metal card that's like a debit card loaded with $400 worth of coffee and other items. It's selling for far more than face value.
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