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Miners In Utah
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The "Job Opening and Labor Turnover" survey out today says employers advertised 4.2m jobs in Ferburaury, the highest figure since January 2008. It also showed that more people are quitting their jobs. We investigate what kind of jobs are being posted and the workers leaving their jobs. Plus: Employees of some of the biggest tech firms, incliding Apple and Google, have accused their employers of colluding to prevent workers from being hired by their rivals and are asking for $9 billion as part of a class-action law suit. The ecidence against the companies is pretty damning. So what impact is this lawsuit going to have on wages in the industry and what does this say about the complexities of hiring and keeping tech firms? Also, the Manischewitz Co. is changing hands again, this time acquired by a private-equity group that plans to push Manischewitz’s efforts to broaden its customer base to non-Jews by latching on to the healthy food movement. What could be healthier than kosher?  
Emoji search on Yelp

You can now search Yelp for emojis

Kai thinks the Internet has gone too far.
Posted In: Yelp, emojis
Matzo Made At Manischewitz Manufacturing Plant

Manischewitz promotes 'Kosher' as 'healthy'

Manischewitz tries to broaden its base by latching onto the healthy food movement.
Posted In: kosher food, Manieschewitz
Steve Jobs Delivers Keynote Speech At Macworld Conference & Expo

Tech firms challenged over hiring practices

Employees of some of the biggest tech firms accuse them of interfering with prospects.
Posted In: Google, apple, technology

Who's quitting? Who's hiring? Is it you?

The "Job Opening and Labor Turnover" survey says employers advertised 4.2 million jobs in February.

Burning down the house that Levi's built

The brains behind "the first crowd sourced fashion company".
Posted In: Retail, jeans, Gustin, crowdsourcing
Name taag

Tired of your name? A one day solution

Marketplace Datebook for Wednesday, April 9, 2014
Paris Hilton

The Hilton name, from Conrad to Paris

The Hiltons: An American dynasty?
Posted In: Hilton, Paris Hilton, Mad Men
Laid-off miners Jeff Combs and Ryan Trent in Hazard, Kentucky.

Coal country starts to ask 'What's after coal?'

In eastern Kentucky, coal mines are closing, putting thousands out of work.
Posted In: coal, Appalachian Trail

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