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After losing $166 billion in four years, Fannie Mae just reported a $17 billion profit for 2012 -- a record. Some supporters are saying it's a real improvement for the behemoth mortage lender; critics say it is just a sign of how widely-exposed the agency is to housing market swings. Plus, as Washington continues to review differing budgets and budget priorities, one key overriding concern is how much to spend on the social safety net. Most of us would say we know what the phrase 'safety net' means -- but few of us know where the name came from. To find out requires a search for who came up with the term in the first place. (Hint: It wasn't FDR.)

March Madness and the big business of college sports

Commissioner Bob Bowlsby runs the Big 12 and sees major changes in college sports ahead.
Posted In: college athletics, NCAA, conferences, Big 12, March Madness, college sports

How did the social safety net get its name?

How did that phrase -- the safety net-- become a household term for social programs in the first place?
Posted In: safety net

Financing the best journalism you've never read

Did you know you're missing out on some great reads? Journalism that never sees the light of day because, well, one person decides it's just not interesting enough to publish.
Posted In: Entrepreneur, media, journalism

Moleskine notebooks seek growth in digital age

Moleskine, the Italian maker of notebooks modeled on those used by famous artists, goes public in attempt to both buck -- and embrace -- the digital age.
Posted In: Moleskine, IPO, notebook

Incentivizing cheating: Can we learn from Atlanta?

Key figures in the Atlanta school cheating scandal admit to the practice, but did we learn anything about incentives?
Posted In: Education, teachers, cheating, testing

Record profits! Is Fannie Mae out of the woods?

After losing $166 billion in four years, Fannie Mae reported a $17 billion profit for 2012 -- a record.
Posted In: housing market, Fannie Mae

What's the world's most stolen food?

It's especially a hot commodity in Europe.
Posted In: cheese, theft

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