Sep 25, 2008

Marketplace for Thursday, Sept. 25, 2008

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Leading a turnaround in troubled times

Sep 25, 2008
Six years ago, IHOP restaurants were struggling. Julia Stewart was hired to shake things up, which she did. Now, the CEO of DineEquity Inc. has an additional challenge: the troubled Applebee's chain.

Bailout may be on an installment plan

Sep 25, 2008
In the bailout deal lawmakers announced today, they're moving away from allocating $700 billion in one shot, as the Bush administration wants. What will Wall Street think of that? Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

Day-to-day cash flow is freezing up

Sep 25, 2008
Over the past couple of weeks, the interest rate banks charge each other for short-term loans has shot up dramatically. Now, rates for money-market funds -- what companies use to borrow for day-to-day operations -- are soaring as well. Jeremy…

Bailout triggers an earful of anger

Sep 25, 2008
Kai Ryssdal is in Cleveland, Ohio, where he sat in on a radio talk show that fielded calls from listeners about the federal bailout plan. Their anger came through loud and clear.

Tainted milk renews safety concerns

Sep 25, 2008
Melamine, the industrial chemical that was added to Chinese milk and baby formula, has now been found in food outside China. Mitchell Hartman reports on whether this is another Chinese product safety scare about to go global and land in…

Bailout agreement not there yet

Sep 25, 2008
While key members of Congress claimed agreement today on the massive bailout plan to rescue America's financial system, conflicts were still evident. Marketplace's John Dimsdale shares the details with Kai Ryssdal.

Easing pains of health care, for a fee

Sep 25, 2008
With the U.S. health system becoming more complicated, people are looking for help in dealing with the details. Now, companies will shoulder that burden for you -- for a price, of course. Caitlan Carroll reports.

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