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Marketplace for Thursday, October 4, 2007
Oct 4, 2007

Marketplace for Thursday, October 4, 2007


Segments From this episode

Money talks at Korean summit

Oct 4, 2007
At the summit of the two Koreas, almost everything the two sides agreed on was about money. South Korea has plenty of it. North Korea doesn't. Alisa Roth reports on their efforts to expand commerce across their historically contentious border.

Sea change for Congress on U.N. treaty?

Oct 4, 2007
Climate change has forced Congress to take a fresh look at an international agreement it's ignored for a decade -- a treaty called the Law of the Sea. Sam Eaton reports.

Magazines rack up a new problem

Oct 4, 2007
Magazine publishers are having the same problems as newspapers as readers and advertisers desert them for the Internet. Now some big names like Vogue and Time might not even make it to newstands next week. Jill Barshay reports.

Bill Gates wants your health records

Oct 4, 2007
Microsoft is rolling out a new service it's calling HealthVault. A place online where you can store all your medical records for free. Various organizations say they're on board. But what's in it for Microsoft? Lisa Napoli reports.

Sputnik-era inspiration needs a boost

Oct 4, 2007
Fifty years ago today the Soviet Union launched Sputnik, taking the lead in the space race and spurring the creation of the American space program. Commentator and engineer Bill Hammack says the drive that competition put into young people is in need of a new frontier.

Should loggers see old forest for trees?

Oct 4, 2007
The White House has plans to dramatically increase the amount of logging allowed on federal lands in the Pacific Northwest. Environmentalists are crying foul, but logging towns are seeing green. Jeremy Hobson reports.

NHL's in a world of trouble -- or potential

Oct 4, 2007
The National Hockey League season has begun in earnest. But amid the baseball playoffs and the new NFL season heating up, you may have missed it. All of which goes to Diana Nyad's point about the position hockey's put itself in. She talked with Kai Ryssdal.

Chinese aren't cleaning their plates

Oct 4, 2007
The Asian economic miracle has created a generation of picky eaters. In Hong Kong, wasted food is a big problem. Scott Tong reports a few restaurants are taking aim at leftovers.

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