Marketplace for Thursday, October 27, 2016
Oct 27, 2016

Marketplace for Thursday, October 27, 2016


On today's show: Twitter layoffs, Zika funding and Donald Trump's "priceless" voter database. Plus: what it's like to be a political surrogate, one of the toughest campaign jobs that pays nothing.

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The Bolshoi Theater: Promoting Russia's brand

Oct 27, 2016
The Bolshoi Theater has managed to stay vibrant and active through the Russian nation's colorful history.
An interior view shows the Bolshoi Theatre's auditorium in Moscow. 

The hardest campaign job you don’t get paid for

Oct 27, 2016
Surrogates often end up doing candidates’ dirty work.
Pastor John Burns, an Evangelical Christian televangelist and surrogate for the presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, speaks at a campaign rally in Anaheim, California. 


One company says Trump masks are outselling the Clinton ones this Halloween

Oct 27, 2016
Rubie’s Costume Company has a theory as to why they’re so popular.
CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 19: Masks depicting Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton are offered for sale at Fantasy Costumes on October 19, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois. 
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Twitter may be cleaning up its books for a new round of buyers

Oct 27, 2016
But what's it actually have to offer?

LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images

Qualcomm buys NXP, moves into cars and the internet of things

Oct 27, 2016
At $39 billion, it's the biggest semiconductor deal ever.
Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf speaks during a press event at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center for the 2014 International CES in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Trump’s latest hot property: his campaign database

Oct 27, 2016
All candidates gather data, but Trump has people who've never donated to the GOP before.
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks before introducing his newly selected vice presidential running mate Mike Pence, governor of Indiana, during an event at the Hilton Midtown Hotel in New York City. 

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

It's Time Warner Inc., not Time Warner cable

Oct 27, 2016
Don't worry, the government is having trouble keeping it straight too.

The complexities of funding the fight against the Zika virus

Oct 27, 2016
Congress took eight months to approve allocating $1.1 billion to help fight the outbreak.
Nelson Tejeda, a Miami-Dade County mosquito control inspector, inspects an area in an attempt to find and kill mosquitos that are carrying the Zika virus in Miami, Florida. 

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

On today’s show: Twitter layoffs, Zika funding and Donald Trump’s “priceless” voter database. Plus: what it’s like to be a political surrogate, one of the toughest campaign jobs that pays nothing.

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