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Marketplace for Thursday, July 5, 2012

A new report shows that renting might actually be a safer alternative to buying in today's economy. President Obama kicked off his two-day 'Betting on America' bus tour today -- Sarah Gardner talks to linguist Ben Zimmer about the psychology behind the name. A review from the House reveals home lender Countrywide gave preferential treatment to members of Congress, their staffs and employees of Fannie Mae in order to win influence in government. Gallup's Frank Newport discusses consumer attitudes towards summer spending. Taco Bell rolls out its new 'gourmet menu' today. And some companies are choosing to advertise directly on people's bodies.

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An EA-6B Prowler from the Salty Dogs of Air Test and Evaluation Squadron 23 flies Sept. 16, 2011 over Southern Maryland. The plane uses a biofuel blend of JP-5 aviation fuel and camelina oil. The Department of Defense, a huge consumer of petroleum, is trying to develop biofuels on a large scale as an alternative. Republicans in Congress have voted the program out of an authorization bill, saying oil and even coal can meet the military's needs.
Kelly Schindler/U.S. Navy via Getty Images

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