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Marketplace for Thursday, July 23, 2015

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Airing on Thursday, July 23, 2015: Health insurance giants Anthem and Cigna are closing in on a $48 billion merger, just days after Aetna announced plans to acquire Humana for $37 billion. These deals could help insurers navigate the changes brought about by healthcare reform, but how will they affect consumers? Next, it’s not easy doing business in China these days, with the stock market and property values falling. U.S. companies are having to adapt to a more mature Chinese economy.  

Segments From this episode

US companies adjust to a more mature Chinese economy

by Nancy Marshall-Genzer Jul 23, 2015
Some Wall Street investors are leaving as China's growth slows.

Jobless claims reach 40-year low. Is wage growth next?

by Sabri Ben-Achour Jul 23, 2015
The labor market is looking much tighter, and that could mean pay raises.
Final Note

Celebrities are mastering the art of the group selfie

by Adriene Hill Jul 23, 2015
They are nothing but efficient.

Will health insurance mergers help or hurt consumers?

by Dan Gorenstein Jul 23, 2015
Industry giants Anthem and Cigna are closing in on a $48 billion deal.

Exit Grexit, enter Brexit. Could the UK quit the EU?

by Stephen Beard Jul 23, 2015
Many Brits are unhappy with Europe, maybe enough to vote for leaving the union.

HBO picks up former ESPN host Bill Simmons

by Adriene Hill , Mukta Mohan and Bridget Bodnar Jul 23, 2015
The sports channel has had a talent drain recently. What's going on over there?

The changing platform for YouTube stardom

by Adriene Hill Jul 23, 2015
Content creators have a whole new world in front of them.

The Konami Code for vintage gamers

by Adriene Hill and Tommy Andres Jul 23, 2015
Arcade owner doesn't see business slowing any time soon.

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