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The Federal Trade Commission announced that Google has agreed to allow competitors access to patents on technologies needed to make devices like smartphones, laptops and tablets. Family Dollar lowered its profit outlook for this year. Your disposed Christmas tree may be part of a new sand dune or riverbed. Jeff Speck talks about his new book "Walkable City," which takes a look at Americans' desire for cities where you can get around without cars. And Scott Tong reviews the movie "Promised Land," which is about a drilling company that wants to use hydraulic fracturing in a rural Pennsylvania town.

Fact Check: The truth behind fracking claims in 'Promised Land'

Dead cows in Pennsylvania? Sorting out fact from fiction in the new feature movie "Promised Land" starring Matt Damon, which examines the underworld of the booming industry of hydraulic fracturing
Posted In: fracking

What makes a city walkable?

According to urban planner Jeff Speck, designing cities for cars makes cities "crappy," but making a city walkable is no easy task.
Posted In: Portland, Traffic, cars, walking, city planning

What Al Jazeera needs to do to make it in the U.S.

Al Jazeera buys Current TV but will American audiences tune in?
Posted In: Al Jazeera, media, Current TV

FTC finds no evidence Google violated anti-trust laws

After a 19-month investigation, the Federal Trade Commission says it found no evidence Google violated anti-trust laws. The company has agreed to license essential patents for rivals' products.
Posted In: Google, FTC, Internet search

Family Dollar warns of cautious shoppers

Family Dollar fared well during the recession. But despite the rebound and recent tax deal, the discount chain lowers its profit outlook for 2013.
Posted In: family dollar, dollar store

'Promised Land': Fracking as Hollywood tells it

"Promised Land," opening nationally in theaters, provides a nuanced account of fracking in rural Pennsylvania -- up to a point.
Posted In: fracking, hollywood

Ditched on the curb, old Christmas trees have a future

There are all sorts of ways to recycle Christmas trees: Mulch. Sand dune retainers. Even crappie fishermen get in on it.
Posted In: Christmas tree, recycling

The TV of the future?

At the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, TV-makers are expected to unveil technologically enhanced sets. But is the TV of the future here?
Posted In: Consumer Electronics Show, future, technology, Smart TV

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