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Marketplace for Thursday Feb. 19, 2015

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Airing on Thursday, Feb. 19, 2015: Walmart announced a mass raise today to some 500,000 employees. By April, these workers will make $9 an hour and by next year this time, it will go up to $10. We speak to two workers to find out what difference this will make in their lives. These higher wages also mean rising costs. So how will Walmart shareholders react to this new paradigm in their operating trajectory? This and more!

Segments From this episode

Water: The high price of cheap

Central Valley farms come at a cost for dry California

by Sarah Gardner Feb 18, 2015
Agriculture uses 80 percent of the water in California

Visitors bureau in Ithaca wins at marketing

by Kai Ryssdal Feb 19, 2015
Snowy upstate New York town tells visitors to check out Florida instead.

Wal-Mart's wage increase isn't only for good PR

by Stan Alcorn Feb 19, 2015
Higher wages means rising costs. How will shareholders react to this new paradigm?

Employees take on the Wal-Mart wage increase

by David Gura Feb 19, 2015
Wal-Mart announced a mass raise today to some 500,000 employees.
Oscars 2015

Without casting directors, there are no "Best Actors"

by Kai Ryssdal Feb 19, 2015
Casting directors shape films by giving them their stars
Corner Office

How a humble stray dog helped launch Instagram

by Kai Ryssdal , Millie Jefferson and Tommy Andres Feb 19, 2015
Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom on his company's short history and bright future.

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