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Marketplace for Thursday August 28, 2014

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ISIS is believed to get revenue from selling oil on the black market from fields it’s captured. We look at the black market for oil and how it works. Plus, advertising on Twitter is such an impenetrable mystery that Twitter is giving away free classes to teach vendors how to promote their stuff via its platform. The program is called #flightschool. We explain how it works and what it’s gonna teach. Also, two new studies indicate that immigrants to the U.S. weathered the recent housing slump better than native-born Americans and are also rapidly closing the gap on home ownership rates. We look at why immigrants are doing so well and what it means.

Segments From this episode

VA hospitals turn to private doctors for help

by Lauren Silverman Aug 28, 2014
Partnerships between one VA facility and private doctors are paying off for vets.

This 20-year-old covers Apple like a pro

by Kai Ryssdal Aug 28, 2014
Mainly because he is one.

An auction where you can buy a $1 million oil lease

by Eve Troeh Aug 28, 2014
Oil companies spend millions for the right to drill in the Gulf of Mexico.

What can ISIS do with oil wells it captures?

by Scott Tong Aug 28, 2014
The extremist group ISIS finances itself in part by selling oil on the black market

Twitter offers free classes for would-be advertisers

by Sally Herships Aug 28, 2014
We explain how the program called #flightschool will work and what you can learn.

Immigrants closing gap on homeownership

by Mitchell Hartman Aug 28, 2014
Immigrants fared better on homeownership than the native-born in the recession.
Final Note

Who let the cats out? Russia did.

by Kai Ryssdal Aug 28, 2014
Russia is lending cats out to people taking out mortgages because of Russian lore.

Co-working gains steam, so is the business behind it

by Gigi Douban Aug 28, 2014
We explore whether this new office business model is here to stay.

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Trav'lin' All Alone - Nickodemus & Zeb Remix Billie Holiday, Zeb, Nickodemus
Melting Pot Booker T. & the M.G.'s

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