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Marketplace for Thursday, August 20, 2009
Aug 20, 2009

Marketplace for Thursday, August 20, 2009

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Segments From this episode

Obama puts health care case on the air

Aug 20, 2009
President Obama made the case for his health care overhaul to a fairly skeptical audience -- conservative talk-radio listeners. He tried to calm fears that he's seeking a "government takeover" of health care. Joel Rose reports.

Carmakers help dealers with 'clunkers'

Aug 20, 2009
With some auto dealers backing out of the Cash for Clunkers program because of slow reimbursements from the federal government, car companies are coming to their aid to keep sales going. John Dimsdale reports.

The Spanish (and others) are coming!

Aug 20, 2009
Spain's second largest bank, BBVA, has reportedly won an auction for a Texas bank that was on the verge of collapse. Other foreign banks may be looking for bargains as well. Jeff Tyler reports.

Iceland payback plan raises some noise

Aug 20, 2009
Iceland's parliament is set to vote on a plan to repay more than $5 billion that British and Dutch savers lost in an Icelandic bank's failure last fall. Many of the country's citizens aren't happy about it. Stephen Beard reports.

Can 'Project Runway' still make it work?

Aug 20, 2009
The reality TV show "Project Runway" moves to the Lifetime channel after a nasty court battle that freed it from NBC-Universal's Bravo channel. Bob Moon reports on whether the big price Lifetime is paying for the show is a winning strategy.

Pay cuts force workers to live with less

Aug 20, 2009
As the recession drags on, more businesses are trying to cut costs by cutting or freezing salaries, or by requiring some employees to take temporary unpaid leaves. Monica Brady-Myerov reports on how some of those affected are adapting.

How Las Vegas went bust

Aug 20, 2009
Las Vegas was one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the nation. But when the housing bubble burst, so did its economy. Host Tess Vigeland talks with Joel Stein, who wrote about Sin City's troubles for Time magazine's cover story this week.

I'm a credit card deadbeat, and worried

Aug 20, 2009
Commentator Rob Walker explains why the Credit Card Reform Act may not spell good news for responsible credit card users -- like him.

Music from the episode

Step It Up The Bamboos, Alice Russell
Carry the Zero Built To Spill
Poor Man's Shangri-La Ry Cooder

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