Sep 7, 2011

Marketplace for September 7, 2011


Marketplace for September 7, 2011

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More than 15% of Americans go hungry

Sep 7, 2011
The latest government figures show nearly 50 million Americans don't have enough to eat, about the same since the recession began.

The 'new normal' not so normal

Sep 7, 2011
The unemployment rate is roughly 9%. And some say that's going to last for years -- unless a major policy shift happens.

Did 9/11 make America less safe from natural disasters?

Sep 7, 2011
Has the shift in funding and disaster preparedness -- away from natural disasters and towards counter-terrorism -- made America less prepared for Mother Nature?

Wildfires devastate Texas, destroy over 1,000 buildings

Sep 7, 2011
Colin McDonald, environment reporter at the San Antonio Express-News, discusses the latest on the Texas wildfires and how much damage they've caused.

More Americans shift to contract work

Sep 7, 2011
A big labor shift is underway as 42 million Americans settle for contract work and freelance gigs amid a shortage of traditional 9-to-5 jobs.
A job seeker carries a worn briefcase at the Green Jobs and Entrepeneurship Fair in Berkeley, California.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Why Yahoo is struggling

Sep 7, 2011
The Internet company just isn't what it used to be -- mostly because that identity lacked focus.

The long-term effects of a jobless economy

Sep 7, 2011
Long periods of unemployment can cause major psychological shifts in individuals and in society as a whole.

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