Nov 12, 2008

Marketplace Report for Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Marketplace Report for Wednesday, November 12, 2008

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Paulson calls for bailout change

Nov 12, 2008
The Treasury secretary says the government is backing away from buying toxic assets from banks -- the centerpiece of the rescue plan when Congress approved it. Washington Bureau Chief John Dimsdale reports.

What's happened to the bailout plan?

Nov 12, 2008
Why hasn't the government's plan to buy up toxic assets worked? Will recapitalizing the banks and providing mortgage relief ease the crisis? Kai Ryssdal puts those questions and more to financial analyst Karen Shaw Petrou.

The bailed out GM vs. the failed one

Nov 12, 2008
With the debate about bailing out GM reaching a fevered pitch, Ashley Milne-Tyte asks, what a GM rescue plan would look like and what would actually happen if the giant automaker failed.

Fuel prices thwart Pickens' wind farm

Nov 12, 2008
Earlier this year, T. Boone Pickens announced a grand plan to build the world's biggest wind farm and help wean the country off gasoline. Now that natural gas prices have tanked, he's putting the plan on hold. Sam Eaton reports.

Frum: Don't bail out the automakers

Nov 12, 2008
There was a time, says commentator David Frum, when GM was one of the biggest employers in America, but that's no longer true. Besides, even with a bailout, more job cuts are coming.

Commodities crash burns scrap dealers

Nov 12, 2008
The record high prices for copper and other metals that had thieves stealing statues and electrical wires are no more. Commodities prices have crashed, creating a big problem for scrap dealers. Jeff Tyler reports.

Senator unveils health-care reform

Nov 12, 2008
Democratic Sen. Max Baucus has outlined a proposal that would not only guarantee, but mandate health-care coverage for all Americans. Is there enough money to do that? Steve Henn reports.

NASCAR change proves hard on tires

Nov 12, 2008
NASCAR has switched to a bigger, heavier car that was tough on tires, and Goodyear -- the exclusive tire supplier for the sport -- wasn't able to come up with a tire deemed safe and good on the track. Scott…

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