Nov 13, 2008

Marketplace Report for Thursday, November 13, 2008


Marketplace Report for Thursday, November 13, 2008

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Taking Stock: She saw crisis coming

Nov 13, 2008
In the first installment of our new interview series "Taking Stock," Kai Ryssdal talks to political economist Ann Pettifor about global debt. She's a fellow at the New Economics Foundation in London and author of "The Coming First World Debt…

Public pension funds feel the squeeze

Nov 13, 2008
Public pension funds that invested heavily in real estate are taking a big hit, including the real estate portfolio for California's civil servants, which lost more than a third of its value. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
CalPERS headquarters in Sacramento

Outbreak of buyer's remorse hits retail

Nov 13, 2008
As economic worries tighten consumer budgets, a new shopping trend has emerged -- shoppers are returning merchandise to stores in record numbers. Beth Teitell says this buy-then-bring-back behavior is called "circle shopping."

Hedge fund billionaires on the hot seat

Nov 13, 2008
A Congressional committee questioning five prominent hedge fund managers wanted to know what role they might have played in the financial meltdown and whether regulations are needed. Nancy Marshall Genzer has the story.

Wanted: Job seekers with no skeletons

Nov 13, 2008
If you want a job in the Obama administration, you better clean up your resume -- and your FaceBook, Flickr and MySpace pages. The applicants are being heavily vetted. Rico Gagliano has the story.

Treasury hire's gotta know The Street

Nov 13, 2008
As President-elect Obama goes about staffing his administration, there's one job that's first among equals -- Treasury Secretary. Commentator John Steele Gordon has some advice on what to look for.

Economy rebalancing China-U.S. trade

Nov 13, 2008
China played a huge part in America's consumption and borrowing binge, while Chinese consumers weren't buying much of anything. But Chinese savers plus Western spenders might add up to trouble for both sides. Scott Tong explains

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