Sep 19, 2006

Marketplace PM for September 19, 2006

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Segments From this episode

Talkin''bout a YouTube revolution

Sep 19, 2006
Even the White House is joining the YouTube craze. It said today it's distributing government-produced, anti-drug videos on the site. Commentator and engineer Bill Hammack says these video sites are the start of another high-tech revolution.

Budapest riots over political lies

Sep 19, 2006
Thousands rioted in the Hungarian capital of Budapest last night after a leaked audio tape revealed its Prime Minister saying he and his party lied about the economy for four years to get reelected. Host Kai Ryssdal speaks to reporter…

Greening up the conference business

Sep 19, 2006
Beyond dry bagels, stale air and slide shows, conferences produce a lot of trash. That's gotten some folks working to make the conference business a little more environmentally-friendly. David Welch reports.

A non-profit drug company — genius

Sep 19, 2006
The MacArthur Foundation announced its "genius grants" today. Host Kai Ryssdal talks to winner Victoria Hale, who founded a non-profit drug company that researches drugs for developing nations.

Norway puts women in power seats

Sep 19, 2006
Under a new Norwegian law, all public corporations there have a year to put women in 40 percent of boardroom seats. Stephen Beard reports on the game of musical boardroom chairs that's ensued.

Economic unrest prompts coup in Thailand

Sep 19, 2006
Thailand's military seized control of the country today. Officers said the civilian government was corrupt and running the country into the ground. Host Kai Ryssdal speaks to journalists and experts in Thailand.

Fed expected to pass on rate hike

Sep 19, 2006
New home construction fell 6% last month — double what was expected. Wholesale prices came in flat. And that may be good news when the Fed meets to discuss interest rates tomorrow. Lisa Napoli looks at the numbers.

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