Sep 18, 2006

Marketplace PM for September 18, 2006

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Documentaries — the new public policy trend?

Sep 18, 2006
Al Gore's documentary seems to have gotten everyone thinking about global climate change. Now a former Oregon governor is adopting the strategy for health care reform. Ethan Lindsey reports.
Movie poster for An Inconvenient Truth

Power changing hands at IMF

Sep 18, 2006
The IMF today increased the influence of China, South Korea, Turkey and Mexico to reflect their growing economies. The move is seen as an attempt to boost the credibility of the IMF — but will it work? Scott Tong reports.

Understanding The J Curve

Sep 18, 2006
Public policy's tough to quantify, but one theory may help predict changes in political stability and openness. Host Kai Ryssdal talks with Ian Bremmer, president of the world's largest political risk consultancy, about his new book, The J Curve.

Israeli reservists lead protest movement

Sep 18, 2006
Israeli defense spending has already seen a $1 billion-plus jump, largely to pay for the costly war with Hezbollah. The administration wants more but Israelis are saying it needs to use the money it has better. Hilary Krieger reports.

$20 million space vacation

Sep 18, 2006
Anousheh Ansari blasted off to the International Space Station today to become the first female space tourist. Christopher Noxon and Ruth Ellenson had a few things to say about her trip to the final frontier.

Warner Music coming to YouTube

Sep 18, 2006
Warner Music will distribute its music and videos through the YouTube website and license the music to its users. Which means better — or at least legal — soundtracks for all those homemade movies. Janet Babin reports.

Church, politics and the IRS

Sep 18, 2006
The IRS says it's renewed efforts to enforce the laws that limit churches and charities from involvement in partisan political campaigns. One group is sending out warning letters to 117,000 clergy members. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

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