Jun 6, 2007

Marketplace PM for June 6, 2007

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Hatchery orders up 5-minute eggs

Jun 6, 2007
A monthly money event in New York City matches dot-com dreamers with venture capitalists. The catch is would-be entrepreneurs have only five minutes to seal the deal. Sally Herships reports.

Budget battle looms

Jun 6, 2007
Democrats are pressing ahead with spending bills that challenge President Bush to make good on his threat to veto ones that bust his budget. John Dimsdale reports on the likelihood of an ugly confrontation ahead.

NYC sees money in gay marriage

Jun 6, 2007
New York City's comptroller says the Big Apple would net $142 million during the first three years of legalized gay marriage, mainly from the uptick in visitors attending the nuptials. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.

Making it easier for the poor to spend

Jun 6, 2007
Wal-Mart plans to unveil a pre-paid Visa card aimed at the 80 million U.S. residents who don't have bank accounts. Steve Tripoli reports that the nation's largest retailer may have something to teach competitors about servicing the poor.

Immigration reform could hit us in the stomach

Jun 6, 2007
Employers in labor-intensive industries like agriculture are watching as Congress debates immigration reform. Changes in immigration laws could affect the food chain. Megan Larson reports.

Dunkin' Donuts finds holes in immigration program

Jun 6, 2007
The donut chain is suing franchisees across the country for not abiding by a federal pilot program on immigration reform that the company joined last year. Steve Henn reports.

Tata says hello to Mexico's cheap labor

Jun 6, 2007
Even India's largest computer-services provider, Tata Consultancy, is looking for cheaper labor than it can get at home. It's opened a new plant in Mexico. Dan Grech reports.

U.S. workers aren't producing as expected

Jun 6, 2007
Worker productivity grew at just 1 percent in the first quarter, about half of earlier government estimates. Not much of a difference? We called analyst Greg McBride to clear things up.

Legalizing immigrants would make things worse

Jun 6, 2007
Commentator David Frum says legalizing millions of would-be immigrants has some poor side effects . . . literally.

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Obstacle 1 Interpol

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