Jul 9, 2007

Marketplace PM for July 9, 2007

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From big boxes to small niches

Jul 9, 2007
Tom Stemberg, founder of office-supply giant Staples, unveiled today a new venture capital fund. It will focus on retail start-ups that are just about the opposite of the type of store he pioneered. Steve Tripoli reports.

Online 'gold farming' more than a game

Jul 9, 2007
Online gamers known as "gold farmers" harvest virtual items like magic swords and potions and sell them to other players for real money. South Korea has adopted laws restricting the practice. Rico Gagliano reports.

Corporate blogs have their own rules

Jul 9, 2007
A Google employee learned an important lesson after she posted comments on a company blog that were critical of Michael Moore's new film "Sicko." Bob Moon talked about blog do's and don'ts with Debbie Weil, author of "The Corporate Blogging…

Broker complaint? Who ya gonna call?

Jul 9, 2007
The SEC is expected to sign off soon on a merger of the NASD and the NYSE. Critics fear combining the two self-regulatory groups will make it even harder for investors to get action on their complaints. Amy Scott reports.

Iraq showdown at the authorization bill

Jul 9, 2007
A $650 billion defense authorization bill tops the Senate's agenda -- the largest such authorization since World War II. And Democrats will try to use it to hasten the withdrawal of troops from Iraq. John Dimsdale reports.

In Pennsylvania, gambling's 'essential'

Jul 9, 2007
Faced with a budget impasse, Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell sent home state employees, except for "essential" public servants such as police, firefighters, and lottery and gaming workers. Alisa Roth reports.

Let's return rewards to risk takers

Jul 9, 2007
Tougher U.S. bankruptcy rules now make it more difficult for entrepreneurs to shield personal assets when their businesses fail. As a result, says commentator Aparna Mathur, business start-ups are declining.

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