Jul 24, 2007

Marketplace PM for July 24, 2007

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E.U. looks to trade after medics' release

Jul 24, 2007
Officials are hoping the release of six Bulgarian medical workers from a Libyan jail will promote a cooperative trade environment between Libya and the E.U. Kai Ryssdal talks with Stephen Beard in London.

Keeping ethics in the news

Jul 24, 2007
Web portals profiting from the news business don't necessarily hold to old media's ethical standards. Commentator Neil Henry says the success and survival of news still rests in the hands of journalists.

How to form a corporation of one

Jul 24, 2007
Want to cut down on the hours you clock in, but still be productive? Cash Peters explores the benefits of taking outsourcing to the extreme with Tim Ferris, author of "The 4-Hour Workweek."

A playful way to bring water closer

Jul 24, 2007
More than a billion people worldwide don't have access to clean water. But one South African village has found a way for communities to access fresh drinking water and have fun at the same time. Gretchen Wilson reports.

A clean house, or a clean bill of health?

Jul 24, 2007
A report released today suggests that some cleaning products might be hazardous to your health. But there's no way to know what's in your detergent because the ingredients aren't listed. Helen Palmer reports.

What did we say?

Jul 24, 2007
Kai Ryssdal hears from listeners about the origins of modern-day advertising, working with overseas vendors and ethical concerns about killer robots.

Too many flights, not enough pilots

Jul 24, 2007
Northwest Airlines has canceled an usually high number of flights for the second time in two months. The carrier blames bad weather, mechanical problems . . . and a shortage of pilots. Martin Moylan reports.

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