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Displaced Congolese wait for relief aid at the Gety camp July 23, 2006 in the troubled Ituri district of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Some 45,000 people have swelled the camp in recent weeks because of fighting between militia and Congolese forces backed by UN troops.
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Tall corn stalks in Prairie View, Illinois. Despite above average precipitation this spring, a devasting drought last summer that dragged into early 2006 continues to pose a threat to crops in the Midwest. Last year's corn crop was able to weather the drought thanks to saved-up soil moisture, a factor experts say is missing this year. Despite concerns, this year's crop is well ahead of last year, according to experts.
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Swordfish steaks for sale
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A statue at the entrance of the World Trade Organization headquarters in Geneva
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Headquarters of the Hospital Corporation of America in Nashville, Tenn.
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