Jul 19, 2007

Marketplace PM for July 19, 2007

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Segments From this episode

What took so long to address poverty?

Jul 19, 2007
Democratic presidential candidates John Edwards and Barak Obama have been focusing on poverty as a key issue. Commentator Angela Glover Blackwell says the attention is valuable, but the politicians have a long way to go.

Explosion exposes NYC's aging systems

Jul 19, 2007
The steam-pipe explosion in Midtown Manhattan reminded New Yorkers just how vulnerable their aging infrastructure is. We asked Alisa Roth to look at the cost of keeping it up.

Hershey reports a profit meltdown

Jul 19, 2007
The candy maker says profits over the past three months tumbled 96% compared with last year. The slide comes as Hershey is cooking up ways to fix its milk chocolate business, get into the premium chocolate market, and expand abroad.…

Beckham's star power shines in L.A. Galaxy

Jul 19, 2007
Soccer star David Beckham is slated to play his first game for the Los Angeles Galaxy on Saturday night, assuming his injured ankle is OK. Tess Vigeland spoke with our sports-business expert Ed Derse about all things Beckham.
David Beckham shows off his Los Angeles Galaxy uniform
Getty Images

Harley-Davidson accelerates overseas

Jul 19, 2007
Harley-Davidson, the iconic American motorcycle maker, said today its profits are roaring ahead overseas. But here at home they've slipped into reverse. Why? Stephen Beard takes a look.

Virgin breaks into domestic market

Jul 19, 2007
Virgin America Airlines started selling tickets today for flights out of San Francisco -- a crowded and competitive market. But some analysts say it might take off if it keeps its focus on customer service. Jeff Tyler reports.

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