Aug 24, 2007

Marketplace PM for August 24, 2007

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No recalls on bad investments

Aug 24, 2007
Thanks to the subprime mess, China now has its own problems with tainted imports. Its been buying products of the financial variety from American banks and brokers -- including big slices of mortgage-backed securities. Bob Moon reports on whether that…

Week on Wall Street

Aug 24, 2007
Stockbroker and business analyst David Johnson talks with host Kai Ryssdal about how the markets are adjusting to the credit crunch and what may lie ahead.

Putting new interest in payday loans

Aug 24, 2007
Check-cashing outlets pull in pretty good profits by offering short-term loans at what can be triple-digit interest rates. The FDIC wants the nations' 22,000 payday lenders to lower those rates -- and competition's the best way to do that. Mhari…

It's time for a sit-down strike

Aug 24, 2007
Commentator Moira Manion works at a shop where she's on her feet eight hours a day. A few customers have told her she should sit down. She has a radical idea to make that point to her employer.

Retailers try return policy on their stock

Aug 24, 2007
Things seem to be falling apart at the seams for some of this country's biggest clothing retailers. Ann Taylor posted a 27% decline in profits, and the Gap is cutting 2,200 jobs with sales down 5%. But both announced big…
A Gap store in Corte Madera, Calif.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Looking good, America! . . . Er, wait

Aug 24, 2007
Today's reports say new-home sales are up 2.8% and U.S. factory orders nearly 6%. But, wait. Those are the numbers from July -- before the subprime debacle and the credit squeeze. Jill Barshay has more.

'I partied and I unlocked the iPhone!'

Aug 24, 2007
George Hotz, 17, has posted on his blog the instructions for how to fiddle with an iPhone so it can be used with a wireless carrier other than AT&T. Kai Ryssdal figured that was worth a conversation and called him…

No, my lord, you may not rule the village

Aug 24, 2007
The days of the feudal system and its hierarchy of serfs and vassals collapsed in the 1600s. But one self-proclaimed lord of the manor in England is trying to bring those days back -- for a price. Stephen Beard reports.

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Mr. Soul Buffalo Springfield
The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

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