Aug 22, 2006

Marketplace PM for August 22, 2006

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Segments From this episode

New brand of oil boom in Texas

Aug 22, 2006
The West Texas twin cities of Midland-Odessa have seen their fortunes rise and fall on the price of a barrel of oil — and times haven't been this good for a long, long time. Michael May has the story.

Life on demand

Aug 22, 2006
TiVo makes it possible for us to watch what we want, when we want. But commentator and writer Beth Teitell says it's becoming all too easy to want to apply this mentality to real life.

Cairo's costly new clean cabs

Aug 22, 2006
The Egyptian government has rolled out a fleet of new eco-friendly yellow cabs, replacing the older, smoggier variety. It's a sign that the country's getting serious about air pollution — but there is one catch, Nancy Farghalli reports.
Egyptians walks past 150 new taxi cabs aligned in one of Cairo's main squares.
Khaled Desouki/AFP/Getty Images

Chavez talks oil with China

Aug 22, 2006
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez may be anti-American, but the US is still his top oil customer. Today, he arrives in China where he hopes to divert some of that trade — despite a pesky geographic detail. Jocelyn Ford reports.

YouTube advertising here

Aug 22, 2006
Online video sharing site YouTube is introducing video ads for its homepage and sponsor-created pages. It's the company's latest move to boost revenue, but will it work? Janet Babin reports.

Paying the price for obesity

Aug 22, 2006
A study released today suggests that obesity has been a major factor driving Medicare spending growth in the last 15 years. Helen Palmer reports.

Global warming insurance

Aug 22, 2006
A coalition of investors representing about $3 trillion is pressuring insurance companies to get serious about climate change. The industry's survival could depend on it. Sam Eaton reports.

Welfare reform's 10th anniversary

Aug 22, 2006
The welfare reform law designed to help welfare recipients re-enter the workforce turns 10 today. Host Scott Jagow talks with American Enterprise Institute's Douglas Besharov about the program's success and failure.