Aug 1, 2007

Marketplace PM for August 1, 2007

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British Airways fined for price-fixing

Aug 1, 2007
British Airways has been fined for colluding with rival Virgin Atlantic to fix the price of tickets. The carriers had secretly agreed to increase their fuel surcharges by the same amount. Stephen Beard reports.

Congress acts on undervalued Yuan

Aug 1, 2007
The Senate passed a bill that would make it easier to label China as a currency manipulator. Jill Barshay reports the Bush Administration isn't pleased with the China currency bills floating around.

Florida beginning to insure itself

Aug 1, 2007
Florida was already in the middle of its most intense hurricane season when Katrina hit. When private insurers backed away from the state's market, government-backed insurance stepped in. Dan Grech reports.

Demystifying business in China

Aug 1, 2007
Westerners setting up shop in China will have their perceptions, but doing business there may be different than they expect. Shanghai bureau chief Scott Tong talks to Kai Ryssdal about what he's learned.

If you can't fix a problem, make it bigger

Aug 1, 2007
A government health insurance program for children known as SCHIP has a fair amount of bipartisan support, but commentator David Frum says the program doesn't extend coverage where it's most needed.

Dark tales from the Street

Aug 1, 2007
Who says crime fiction and the stock market don't mix? Amy Scott pours over a new collection of noir stories from Wall Street coming out this summer.

Solving the mystery of rising oil prices

Aug 1, 2007
Oil prices were at an all-time intra-day high of almost $80 a barrel today -- shooting up from just six weeks ago, when prices were in the mid-60s. Stacey Vanek-Smith looks into why.
An attendant changes the price of gas
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