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Marketplace PM for April 27, 2006

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Segments From this episode

Moral compass gone awry

by Marketplace Staff Apr 27, 2006
House Republicans abruptly yanked a lobbying and ethics bill off the floor today. Democrats say the bill isn't going to do much to end abuses anyway. Writer and commentator Jeff Birnbaum has low expectations for reform on the Hill.

$100 rebates! Suspend the gas tax!

by Hillary Wicai Apr 27, 2006
As the public grows more uneasy about rising gasoline prices, Republicans and Democrats are scrambling to out-press conference each other and minimize the political damage. Will it do you any good at the pump? Hillary Wicai reports.

Military payroll problems

by Scott Tong Apr 27, 2006
The US military has a payroll problem. Turns out that some injured soldiers have gotten overpaid, and then received debt collection notices from the government months later. Scott Tong reports.

Russia's building a petro-based empire

by Marketplace Staff Apr 27, 2006
Russia has been nationalizing its petroleum industry for the past year and now it's looking for more. Vladimir Putin today hailed a deal with Germany and as Alasdair Sandford reports, Russia doesn't plan to stop there.

Faking the count

by Jeff Tyler Apr 27, 2006
One way the FCC monitors content on public airwaves is fielding complaints from listeners and viewers. But while many are genuine, a lot of complaints are actually generated by fake grassroots campaigns attempting to influence decision makers. Jeff Tyler reports.

Corruption in Iraq

by Marketplace Staff Apr 27, 2006
A year ago, Iraq formed its first democratically-elected government in more than 50 years. But tackling corruption has not been high on the Iraqi government's to do list. As Ben Gilbert reports from Baghdad, corruption is more pervasive than ever.

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