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Apr 25, 2007

Marketplace PM for April 25, 2007

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Segments From this episode

Feds should practice what they preach

Apr 25, 2007
Fed Chief Ben Bernanke visited a Washington, D.C., high school today as part of a campaign to teach financial literacy. Commentator Ben Stein finds the choice of messenger on the subject . . . interesting.

What would melamine be doing in food?

Apr 25, 2007
The FDA is looking into whether melamine, a chemical usually found in plastics, might have found its way into the human food chain. Kai Ryssdal talked with market researcher Harry Balzer about how concerned we should be.

Paying to put education in the campaign

Apr 25, 2007
Two of this country's biggest philanthropists are promising $60 million to get education reform on the political agenda for 2008. Lisa Napoli reports.

Donations to candidates come in smaller amounts

Apr 25, 2007
The 18 presidential candidates have raised a total of $130 million in the first quarter of this year — four times more than at the same point in the last campaign. And, John Dimsdale reports, more of it's in small…

Chase wants public money for Ground Zero plan

Apr 25, 2007
JP Morgan Chase has said it would be a big part of the post-9/11 recovery of Manhattan's Ground Zero by building a 50-story tower nearby. But now it wants more from the city before it'll commit. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.

A clash of symbols

Apr 25, 2007
For years, a stock symbol of one to three letters suggested the company was listed on the New York or American Stock Exchange. Nasdaq-listed companies used four or five letters. But that may change. Amy Scott reports.

Dow's up further, but is the economy?

Apr 25, 2007
The Dow Jones Industrials ended today at an all-time high: 13,089.89. Most other indexes are up, too. So is the economy on the upswing, or is this just a bunch of numbers? Alisa Roth reports.

Doctors get hooked on drug companies

Apr 25, 2007
A new survey finds nearly all physicians report some type of relationship with the pharmaceutical industry — everything from getting free food to "professional services." Bob Moon reports.