Oct 20, 2010

Marketplace for October 20, 2010


Marketplace for October 20, 2010

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Retirement heads to college

Oct 20, 2010
A college campus and a retirement center seem like opposite ends of the spectrum, but college camaraderie goes a long way. Retirees are moving back in near their alma maters, in specialized communities that are taking over the retirement business. Nancy Farghalli reports.

Frozen yogurt trend far from cold

Oct 20, 2010
Despite retail stores and restaurants closing all over the country, there's one kind of shop that's booming: self-serve frozen yogurt. What makes the chilly dessert so successful? Stacey Vanek Smith reports.
Frozen yogurt from Red Mango.

A sheriff temporarily halts evictions

Oct 20, 2010
Some have been saying that the faulty paperwork involved in the foreclosure crisis is criminal, but while that's being worked out, one sheriff is taking the situation into his own hands. Kai Ryssdal talks to Sheriff Thomas Dart of Cook County, Ill., about what he's doing.

The downsides to secret donations

Oct 20, 2010
The ruling that allows companies and unions to keep their political donations was supposed to be good for business, but it may cause more trouble than you think, says commentator Robert Reich.

Devastating budget cuts to hit Britain

Oct 20, 2010
U.K. Finance Chief George Osborne announced a program of devastating cuts to the country's budget today, taking away hundreds of thousands of public sector jobs and billions of dollars from welfare. The government says the cuts are necessary, but analysts say it could be a risk too.

Microsoft offers different rates for different Office usage

Oct 20, 2010
Microsoft's Office software comes pre-packaged with different programs with different tasks, and that means some of the programs never even get used -- but you have to pay for them anyway. There was an announcement today, however, that changes are ahead.

Could credit affect getting hired for a job?

Oct 20, 2010
More and more, companies are using credit reports to check up on employees and job applicants. Should this become an accepted practice? John Dimsdale reports on what the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is planning to do about it.

Airline profits taking off

Oct 20, 2010
The airline industry looks to be back in the high skies, with Delta, US Airways and American Airlines all reporting profits from the summer season. Everyone's remaining optimistic. Bob Moon reports on how the airlines have fared so well.

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