Marketplace for Monday, October 5, 2015
Oct 5, 2015

Marketplace for Monday, October 5, 2015


Global trade; Jack Dorsey's permanent gig; and will your surgery cost more than a Disneyland annual pass? We'll tell you.

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American Apparel faces challenges other retailers have

Oct 5, 2015
The chain filed for bankruptcy. Its challenge: attracting young shoppers.

Dealing with red tape? There's an app for that

Oct 5, 2015
Skip all the bureaucracy.

Disney tries to solve its popularity problem

Oct 5, 2015
The company may turn to peak pricing to cut down on crowds.

In the end, the real hurdle to a TPP deal was drugs

Oct 5, 2015
Talks came down to a fight between intellectual property and access to medicine.

Jack Dorsey named permanent Twitter CEO

Now he has to figure out how to keep it interesting and bring people back.

What to do about all that space junk? Cue the lasers

Oct 5, 2015
For now, we 'watch and hope' that debris in the orbital fast lane won't hit ISS.
GRAPHIC - (CIRCA 1989):  This National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) handout image shows a graphical representation of space debris in low Earth orbit. According to the European Space Agency there are 8,500 objects larger than 10 cm (approximately 3.9 inches) orbiting the earth and 150,000 larger than 1 cm (approximately 0.39 inches).
Photo by NASA/Getty Images

The tough road from Bhutan refugee camp to the US

Oct 5, 2015
Many of the refugees have never worked and have had little to no education.
Tara Dhungana came to the U.S. five years ago after nearly two decades in a camp in Nepal. He's now the head of employment services for Community Refugee and Immigration Services in Columbus, Ohio.
Lewis Wallace

Putting a price on healthcare

Oct 5, 2015
One hospital is finding out the cost of its services, from surgery to stitches.

Jack Dorsey and Dov Charney: A tale of two founders

Oct 5, 2015
Both young and charismatic CEOs were ousted from their own companies. One came back.

Global trade; Jack Dorsey’s permanent gig; and will your surgery cost more than a Disneyland annual pass? We’ll tell you.

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