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Marketplace for Monday October 27, 2014

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Today we look at why people put themselves in danger in West Africa to help fight Ebola — especially when they know they could be quarantined for 21 days when they return home. Plus, Apple’s mobile wallet, Apple Pay, was disabled from Rite Aid and CVS stores one week after its launch. What’s at stake? As the fallout continues, what will the impact of this failed deal be on Apple and the stores involved?

Segments From this episode

I've Always Wondered ...

How do actors make money off residuals?

by Tommy Andres Oct 24, 2014
Lisa Kudrow still makes money off "Smelly Cat," and more about how actors get paid.

The invisible labor that keeps Facebook clean

by Kai Ryssdal Oct 27, 2014
Wired reporter Adrian Chen talks about the push against violence and nude selfies.

The Ebola fight's HR problem

by Dan Gorenstein Oct 27, 2014
How do groups recruit healthcare workers who are needed to contain the outbreak?

Why did Rite Aid and CVS block Apple Pay?

by Tracey Samuelson Oct 27, 2014
Apple's mobile wallet takes a hit in the battle for mobile payment dominance
Final Note

Caught the common cold? You have everyone to blame

by Kai Ryssdal Oct 27, 2014
News of 'things you're way more likely to catch than Ebola.'
Live on Stage

Delia Ephron: "Nora always said we shared half a brain"

by Kai Ryssdal Oct 27, 2014
The author and screenwriter shares a few of her numerical neuroses.

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Vase Miike Snow
You're Not Good Enough Blood Orange

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