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Marketplace for Monday, March 11, 2013

The U.S. Army is freezing all new applications for its tuition assistance program because of the sequester. As David Gura reports, the elimination of the much relied-upon program is among the first tangible repercussions of the automatic budget cuts. And as the budget battle to cut entitlements heats up, some argue that raising the retirement age will force the poor to subsidize the rich because the rich live longer. Finally, now that the betting site Intrade has been suspended, academics are worried because many used the site for social science research.

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Images of pieces from MOMA's "Applied Design" exhibit. Here: "Pac-Man. Toru Iwatani (Japanese, born 1955). Publisher: NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. 1980-1981. Video game. Gift of NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. © 2012 NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc."
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