Jun 2, 2008

Marketplace for Monday, June 2, 2008

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Segments From this episode

Mass transit braces for fed-up drivers

Jun 2, 2008
With no relief in sight from high gas prices, more Americans are turning to public transit for their commutes. Sam Eaton reports on how transit systems are preparing for new riders.

Banks clamp down on college loans

Jun 2, 2008
With banks running from risk, it's getting more difficult for students at small colleges to borrow money for their education. Nancy Marshall Genzer outlines options for students in the rapidly shrinking student loan market.

U.S. loses final appeal in cotton dispute

Jun 2, 2008
The World Trade Organization has ruled in favor of Brazil in a six-year trade dispute over U.S. cotton subsidies. Dan Grech explains what the ruling means for U.S. growers.

Delivery workers reinvent the wheel

Jun 2, 2008
When the Lebanese government banned scooters and mopeds, the delivery industry was forced to get creative to protect its business. Ben Gilbert reports.

The culture of the fashion world

Jun 2, 2008
Host Bob Moon talks with Time's style and design editor Kate Betts about how the design industry has changed since Yves Saint Laurent hit the scene half a century ago. The renowned designer died this past weekend.

We need a carbon tax on gasoline

Jun 2, 2008
How to best police emissions? Economist and commentator Andrew Samwick argues that only a flat tax on carbon will truly cut consumption across the board.

All green, all the time

Jun 2, 2008
The Discovery Channel is preparing to unveil 'Planet Green,' a 24-hour, all-environmental cable network. New York Times media reporter Brian Stelter talks with host Bob Moon about the growth of eco-tainment.

Infrastructure to help build an economy

Jun 2, 2008
Even as violence and poverty wash over their country, some entrepreneurial Kenyans are getting the economy back on its feet with the help of a government program. Sarah Nics has the story.

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