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Marketplace for Monday, June 11, 2012

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We kick off the new series A Man Walks in A Bar, where reporter Stephen Beard goes on a pub crawl through Europe to find out what locals really think about the eurozone’s financial woes. First up: Ireland. Meanwhile, reporter David Gura looks at how lobbyists spread their message across the country. In the battle of the mobile superpowers, it’s Apple v. Android — and it’s about culture as much as technology. The pricing of medical procedures is set by insurance companies and the government, but it starts with an AMA committee. And Kai Ryssdal sets the record straight on silver bullets with author Anne Rice.

Segments From this episode

Pub Crawl

A man walks into a bar… in Ireland

by Stephen Beard Jun 11, 2012
Europe correspondent Stephen Beard begins a five-part series from bars in Europe. He gets the opinions of ordinary Europeans on the ongoing debt crisis, starting with the Irish.
Final Note

Silver bullets are for werewolves, not vampires! Anne Rice confirms

by Kai Ryssdal Jun 11, 2012
Plus, what really scares the well-known horror fiction writer: "poverty, starvation, genocide, war, nuclear annihilation."

The world of health-care pricing

by Gregory Warner Jun 11, 2012
A committee of the American Medical Association plays an important role in Medicare's setting of prices for medical procedures.

Lobbyists take talking points mobile

by David Gura Jun 11, 2012
New smartphone apps put special interest groups and their members on the same page when it comes to following the message.

Are you an iPhone or an Android?

by Queena Kim Jun 11, 2012
In the battle of the mobile superpowers, it's Apple v. Google and iPhone v. Android -- and consumers have to choose. Which culture do you fit in best?
European Debt Crisis

Spanish bailout won't alleviate the eurozone crisis

by Marketplace Contributor Jun 11, 2012
A closer look at Spain's economy shows its fundamental problems won't be simply solved by the $125 billion bailout.

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Fast As You Can Fiona Apple
Let's Call It Off - Single Version Peter Bjorn and John
We Good - Instrumental Pete Rock

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