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Marketplace for Monday, July 30, 2012

Apple and Samsung go to court today over a patent dispute, but before the jury makes a decision, wonky tech legalese will have to be translated into layman's terms. Cash-strapped local governments may have found a creative way to create affordable housing: convince homeowners to rent out basements, garages and spare rooms. The U.S. Postal Service's impending default on pension payments has some employees worried about their retirement benefits. Thousands in China this weekend violently protested the building of a new pipeline. A Senate committee released a new report today criticizing the quality of instruction and spending practices at for-profit colleges. And commentator Mark Bittman has a solution for those worried about climate change.

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Traffic crawls north out of Atlanta along Interstate 75/85 during rush hour in Atlanta, Ga. A proposal to add a penny to Atlanta's sales tax would mean billions raised for transit projects, winning the backing of business leaders but attracting a strange mix of opponents.
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