Marketplace for Monday, Jan. 14, 2008
Jan 14, 2008

Marketplace for Monday, Jan. 14, 2008

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Segments From this episode

Citigroup to announce big losses, layoffs

Jan 14, 2008
The nation's largest bank is expected to announce a $24 billion write-down and up to 24,000 layoffs due to subprime problems -- more than twice what it previously announced. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports on how the company didn't know how bad things would be.

Bush may slash earmarks with his pen

Jan 14, 2008
There are rumblings in Washington that President Bush plans to issue an executive order eliminating some of the 9,000 earmarks from last month's spending bill. But is he allowed to do it? Jeremy Hobson reports.

Advertisers happy to have 'Idol' time

Jan 14, 2008
With the Hollywood writers strike cutting the size of TV audiences advertisers had planned to reach, the arrival of another season of "American Idol" is being met with some rejoicing -- and a much higher price tag. Lisa Napoli reports.

Kenya's unrest stirs survival struggles

Jan 14, 2008
Violence and protests in Kenya continue over its disputed presidential election. Reporter Sara Nics recently traveled with a Red Cross aid mission there. She talks with host Tess Vigeland about what she saw.

Web companies' dark side: Few jobs

Jan 14, 2008
Some of the biggest Internet companies are growing like weeds, serving millions of customers a day and operating globally. But, as commentator Nicholas Carr points out, they tend to employ very few people.

Bush, Saudis discuss arms, economy

Jan 14, 2008
President Bush arrived in Saudi Arabia today bearing gifts, including a proposed multibillion-dollar arms deal intended to counter Iran's military clout. He also addressed some issues with the falling dollar. Marketplace's Stephen Beard discusses the details with host Tess Vigeland.

Lessons for Iran's working woman

Jan 14, 2008
Iranians live under strict rules that govern their public lives, but inside people's homes and businesses the scene is quite different. Borzou Daragahi tells the tale of two women who used their different backgrounds to stitch together a business.

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