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Marketplace for Monday, December 15, 2008

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Segments From this episode

How Madoff could change hedge funds

by Marketplace Staff Dec 15, 2008
The fallout from Bernard Madoff's massive investment scam is being felt worldwide and has some people calling for more regulation on hedge funds. Jeremy Hobson reports.
Fallout: The Financial Crisis

Will rate cut get banks lending again?

by John Dimsdale Dec 15, 2008
The Federal Reserve Board will likely announce Tuesday it is cutting interest rates. But what happens next? As John Dimsdale reports, it may take more than just low rates to get banks back in the game.

Fannie Mae to help renters stay

by Sam Eaton Dec 15, 2008
Fannie Mae is developing a policy to allow renters who live in foreclosed properties to stay in their homes and avoid eviction. The new policy comes on the heels of the mortgage finance company's current holiday eviction moratorium. Sam Eaton reports.

We'd all benefit from higher gas prices

by Marketplace Staff Dec 15, 2008
There may be a large contingent of greener cars on the road, but gas guzzlers and other fuel-consuming vehicles are still zooming down the freeways. Commentator Virginia McConnell says that higher gas prices and taxes could be good for the auto industry and us.
Fallout: The Financial Crisis

Foreign debt puts Hungarians in crunch

by Stephen Beard Dec 15, 2008
Hungarians have experienced a rise in the quality of life since communism ended. But to support their new lifestyles, many Hungarians depended on foreign loans. Now, Hungarians with loans in foreign currency may be hungry for change. Stephen Beard reports.

Glossy catalogs endure in tough times

by Stacey Vanek Smith Dec 15, 2008
Sales of luxury goods are down. But even for shoppers who can afford to splurge, flaunting your moneybags is not so cool. So, high-end shoppers are turning to catalogs to spend their money and it's working out pretty well. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.

Gadgets smaller in price and size

by Tess Vigeland Dec 15, 2008
Hard up on gift ideas for your friends, family and the person who has everything? Tess Vigeland speaks with Kevin Pereira from G4 TV about some great budget-conscious gadgets for the techies and non-techies in your life.

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