Aug 17, 2009

Marketplace for Monday, August 17, 2008

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Suit claims Schwab misled investors

Aug 17, 2009
New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is suing brokerage giant Charles Schwab, accusing the company of fraud and misleading investors when it sold them auction rate securities that blew up at the beginning of the financial crisis. Jill Barshay reports.

If no public health care, is it reform?

Aug 17, 2009
The Obama administration is hinting it could drop its proposal for a government-run health plan that would compete with private insurers and force down the cost of premiums. But if that plan goes, is meaningful reform possible? Tamara Keith reports.

'Astroturf' campaign fights climate bill

Aug 17, 2009
Big oil and coal companies are using their trade associations to organize fake grass-roots protests against the climate bill working its way through Congress. Steve Henn reports.

Why are banks still failing?

Aug 17, 2009
Five more bank failures were announced over the weekend, bringing this year's total to 77. And a Texas bank may be next. Marketplace's Senior Business Correspondent Bob Moon reports on why bank failures are rising at this point in the…

Health insurer's staff frets about reform

Aug 17, 2009
President Obama is hoping to squeeze big-time savings out of the health-care industry, which brings in $700 billion a year. That may sound great, unless you happen to work for a health insurance company. Joel Rose reports.

Stimulus could go to pay the rent

Aug 17, 2009
The Obama administration reportedly plans to push more than $4 billion into federally subsidized rental housing -- a major shift from the Bush administration's ownership society programs. The Boston Globe's Joe Williams explains to host Tess Vigeland.
A sign advertising an apartment for rent is displayed in a window in San Francisco.
Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Motivated. Results-oriented. Jobless.

Aug 17, 2009
Last month's unemployment figures contained a ray of hope for recent college grads: their jobless rate of 4.7% was half of what people with only high school degrees experienced. Still, that's small comfort to commentator and new graduate Sarah Klenakis.

Rural areas' hard times not in the stats

Aug 17, 2009
Nebraska has one of the nation's lowest unemployment rates at 5%. But numbers that may look good on paper don't always translate well in real life -- especially in real rural life. Sarah McCammon reports.