Marketplace for Monday, April 23, 2012

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Broadcasting live from New York City, Kai Ryssdal and New York bureau chief Heidi Moore visit three scenes that have played major roles in the post-financial-crisis era: the offices of Lehman Brothers and of Morgan Stanley, and Zuccotti Park, the former home of Occupy Wall Street. Kai also speaks to actress and playwright Anna Deavere Smith about her work and about telling the stories of the big, complicated social issues of our time, and David Gura takes a look at pension reform -- who it hurts and who it benefits.

Teachers reflect on state worker pension reform

Many states are cutting back on benefits promised to public employees, sparking a political debate.
Posted In: Wealth and Poverty, pension funds, pensions, New York

What Occupy Wall Street left behind

Zuccotti Park is empty these days, with no signs of another uprising, but the issues the protests brought to light in the national conversation still linger today.
Posted In: Occupy Wall Street, income inequality

The center of the financial crisis, four years later

A visit to the former offices of Lehman Brothers, the corner on which the financial system turned. Has anything changed?
Posted In: Lehman Brothers

New York voices on the U.S. economy

The New York primary is Tuesday, the presidential election is this fall. What do New Yorkers want?
Posted In: New York City

Today's Wall Street: Bigger, stronger -- and in Midtown

A conversation outside of Morgan Stanley, which lived through the financial crisis and came out the other side.
Posted In: Morgan Stanley

Anna Deavere Smith on storytelling in an era of identity politics and economics

Actress and playwright Anna Deavere Smith discusses telling stories about the big, complicated social issues of our time -- from the L.A. Riots to health care.
Posted In: Anna Deavere Smith, identity, health care

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